Have you ever heard of a company which gives you a brand new laptop in just $5 ???

We grown ups would laugh at this type of offers. We are too old to put trust on these fraud people.

Here is the story of an eight-year-old kid who believes that in few days he will get a brand new laptop in just $5.

His name is Mohit. Mohit comes from a very humble background. His father works in a factory as a night watchman.


Mohit is a very talented kid despite having very limited sources to excel in studies. He regularly comes to my clinic in the morning with his friends. He and his friends , like other kids of their age, love reading story books. I don’t know exactly when for first time he came to my clinic.

Initially we would read stories only. Subsequently we started English learning sessions. Mohit is in 7th Std in a vernacular medium school. If you ask any kid in India ( also if you ask me) ,,Which language do you want to master?’’ then the answer would be invariably “English language”. Mohit and his friends are no exception.

Just yesterday, when we were about to finish our English language session , Mohit innocently asked me if I would teach him how to operate a laptop? Now this was a strange thing. As far as I knew Mohit’s family can’t afford to have a laptop and here this kid was asking in a manner as if he was already having a laptop of his own.

I asked him back why he wanted to learn a laptop?

very sweetly he replied “My father has booked a laptop online in just $5 !!”

As it is Navratri frestival going on in India so I thought it must be a token amount and his father would pay the remaining amount afterwards.

But I was going to be surprised again as I asked him the total cost of the laptop and he told me that it was just of $5 only.

At first I was happy that Mohit will have his own laptop , but then it dawned upon me that this was yet another scheme of making fools of people.

On the previous day I had read a story in a book named “Chicken soup for Soul” . It was a story about an innocent child and how he firmly believed in something to be true. There is one sentence in this story which states that Children are born with virtues like honesty, trust and truthfulness. They do not know the unscrupulous ways of the world.

And this Mohit with his unwavering belief in the possibility of getting a laptop in just $5 reminded me of that story and particularly that sentence in it.

It was very disheartened by this grim story. This is not just about Mohit, there are thousands of children like him who every day see a dream of possessing a gadget like a laptop but their poor economic background stops turning their dreams into reality.

My own childhood in this context was very safe and secure. My parents were both having their secure jobs and I had never felt a scarcity of anything in my childhood. Whatever I wished or asked to my father was instantly brought without delay most of times. When I was of Mohit’s age, or may be some years younger, I also demanded a PC from my Papa. I was very stubborn and would call him names like ‘miser’ , ‘greedy’ and so on. Eventually my tantrums bore fruit and I got a PC of my own.

Now, when I think about my own steadfastness for getting a PC in the light of Mohit’s innocent dream, I feel a sense of guilt in my heart.

I was sure that soon Mohit’s dream of getting a laptop will be shattered and that would be a very painful thing for him. I thought at first to make him realize this futility of his dream but then I could not gather enough courage to do this.

I simply assured him that whenever he will have a laptop I will surely teach him how to operate it. Then I bade him goodbye and soon after I also left for home.

On my return, I immediately went to my father and told him “Pappa ( we use the word “Pappa” for father) , Thank you so much for fulfilling all my wishes always.. and Thank you so much for buying me a laptop.”

Today when I am writing this story on my laptop, I am sure, Mohit is still dreaming and waiting for his $5 laptop. Let us pray that some day he too would get a laptop of his own.

A full time reader and part time Dentist.